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Free Webinars

During the time of COVID-19, we wanted to keep people engaged in learning about Spanish and Hispanic cultures. To do so, we offered a series of free webinars in Spanish, as a project we call "Estamos contigo".

Feria del libro

23 Apr, 2020

We celebrate World Book Day talking about Feria del libro in Spain.  Plus, we present the book "En la penumbra del ocaso" (In the Shadows of the Sunset), written by Virginia Ripalda Ardila.

Host:  Natalia Ripalda-Ardila Zavislak

Guest:  Virginia Ripalda Ardila

Feria del caballo

11 May, 2020

We talk about the origins of Feria del Caballo and actually visit the event with one of our guests in Spain.  We will learn about flamenco and even have a guest flamenco singer (cantaor). Come with us and experience the Spanish Fair virtually!

Host:  Natalia Ripalda-Ardila Zavislak

Guests:  Patricia Pérez Alcocer, Joaquín Fernández Alcocer

Educational Debate about Language Teaching

13 Sep, 2020

We cover the following topics: online education, bilingualism, homeschooling, diversity, culture and values.

Host:  Natalia Ripalda-Ardila Zavislak

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