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The main purpose of our school is to teach students around the world to speak and master Light Language.  We do so by means of activating the heart center and developing the right brain, the hemisphere in charge of interpreting emotions and non-verbal communications.  Becoming interpreters, practitioners, and healers, our students will serve as the pillars of light in society.

Our courses balance the development of the healing of the mind, body, and spirit, focusing both externally and internally.


To create an external balance, we use the five elements of healing. In our healing system, we teach the importance of being in equilibrium with the five elements because it is the key to maintain the balance in our bodies:

  • Too much of the element water in us can cause sadness and depression.

  • Too little of the element earth is lack of grounding.

  • Too much of the element air can cause confusion or being overwhelmed with a big quantity of thoughts.

  • Too much of fire can irritate us making us being angry and in some cases reacting in an aggressive way.

  • Too much of ether can give us the feeling of being lost, not being centered in space.

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To create an internal balance, we need to understand that we are not just a singular body.  We consist of multiple layers. The whole complex would be considered our bio magnetic sheath composed of 4 bodies:

  • physical

  • mental

  • emotional

  • spiritual (also known as etheric) body.

The big pillar holding and joining this energetic and human arquitecture is the energetic system formed by a complex of chakras. The word chakra means wheel of energy in Sanskrit. This magnificent pillar is in charge of projecting our experience or what we can call as our reality. If we want a big transformation in our lives, it is better to go internally to manifest that change externally. If we have any kind of blockage or disorder sometimes manifested like chronic pain or sickness, we teach how to find out the root of the problem exploring the 4 bodies and apply the right healing treatment for them.

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New Courses
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Available now

Learn how to navigate your path, discover yourself, and find your purpose.

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Available now

Learn how to build confidence and get unstuck.  Be unstoppable and be you more than ever!

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Coming soon!

Learn how to find joy in your journey.  Recover the power of creativity.  Heal and bring back your Inner Child to become who you really are.

Become a Master Chakra-Healer & Enlightenment Life Coach!

After the completion of the 7 Pathways, students will earn two Fully Internationally accredited Certifications as a Master Chakra-Healer & Enlightenment Life Coach.  These certifications will include the 7 niches of each pathway and 2 downloadable logos.

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Earn an additional diploma from our Academic Language School Distant Language with the official recognition of the National Dual Language Schools Organization, and the International accreditation from the ACTFL and the AATSP.

Dual in English Interpretive Reading & Listening Assessment (DEIRLA)

Dual in Spanish Interpretive Reading & Listening Assessment (DSIRLA)

What is unique about these pathways?

Anyone who lives in San Antonio can take one of these courses in-person.  The courses are  structured in 3 sessions of 2 hours each.  The unique part is that students will have the first hour receiving coaching  and the second hour will be dedicated to healing therapies (soul therapy, healing touch, light language, sound therapy) hypnotherapy, regression techniques, and more.  After the completion of each of these courses, students will receive an accredited  certification with the recognition of the International association of Therapists.

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Our school supports the principles and beliefs of The International Natural Healers Association (INHA).  INHA is a trade association of alternative holistic practitioners that brings together a global network of healers who share the sincere goal to heal the body, mind, and spirit.


  • Everyone has the innate right to live a happy and healthy life.

  • Holistic healing remedies and alternative medicine modalities can enhance and complement Western medicine in achieving and maintaining health.

  • Natural healers should have more support to reach all those who would benefit from their gifts of healing.

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IAC membership supports the development of counseling internationally.


7 pathways for healing 7 chakras
Los 7 Caminos para la Sanación de los 7 Chakras
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Each Pathway is related to the strengthening,  balancing, and activation of  each chakra.  Each color also represents a different pathway.  The healing of all the pathways represents the entlightment of the person.


  • Pathway to Wellness would be associated with the root chakra and the red color.  The color of life and the symbol of being grounding not only to Earth, but in the concept of ”Who we are”.

  • Pathway to Joy would be associated to the sacral chakra and the orange color.  The color of creativity, joy, and inspiration.  This path is related to the concept “I feel”.

  • Pathway to  Confidence would be associated to the solar plexus and the yellow color.  The color of will, power, and confidence.  This path is related to the concept “I do”.

  • Pathway to Soul Purpose would be associated to the Heart Chakra And the color green and pink, the color of health and love.  This path is related to the concept of “I love”.

  • Pathway to Mediumship would be associated to the throat chakra and the color light blue., the color of the expression, communication, and transparency.  This path is related to the concept “I speak Truth”.

  • Pathway to Psychic Healing would be associated to the third eye and the color dark blue, the color of the intuition.This path is related to the concept “I can see”

  • Pathway to Channeling would be associated to the crown chakra and the color violet, the color of the universal connection.  This path is related to the concept “I can connect”

Prof. Natalia Zavislak

Natalia is also a Life Coach, Natural Healer, Therapist, Counselor, and Host of the Podcast “Speak Light”.  She is dedicated to bring all her skills, expertise, and enthusiasm to teach humanity the main pillars of healing.

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"It's time to start a new Path in your life."
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For students who want to enroll online in our school, our courses will be published in Udemy.  Please check our site to see the notification of the opening.

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Our courses will be taught in English and Spanish and addressed to native speakers and non-native speakers with a minimum of B2 proficiency level in the language of instruction. With the completion of our courses, the native speakers will receive an official certificate of achievement with the international accreditation of The International Association of Therapists. For those ones who are non-native speakers, they will receive the same certificate and they can obtain an additional one evaluating their Interpretive language skills, such as Reading and listening. For that, they will need to present proof of the completion of the proficiency level B2 to obtain C1 or C1 to obtain C2.

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