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Online Language Courses For Kids

Our Online Language Courses For Kids Are Safe And Carefully Vetted

Are you looking for online language courses for kids so that your child can learn a language from the comfort of home? When learning a language, practice communicating is crucial to retention. Instead of prerecorded lessons and computerized assignments, Distant Language offers courses and private lessons taught by native speakers. 

Enroll your child in one of our homeschooling programs to have them in an online classroom with a certified teacher and small set of classmates. To enhance immersion, some sessions will be held with students from abroad present who are in the same age group and natively speak the language your child is learning. This online learning and socializing comes without the physical concerns of viruses or bullying. We allow and even encourage parents to observe the lessons, both to supervise their child and provide constructive feedback to teachers after-hours.

Private lessons from our language tutors online can be used either as personalized homeschooling or to supplement courses your child is already enrolled in. They allow plenty of flexibility in schedule, pace, and learning materials. In a one-on-one learning environment, it’s easier to get feedback from a student on how well they understand something and teach more efficiently.

We also offer more options for parents.  They are welcome to take lessons with us to be able to better support their child’s learning. Parents who are going to be traveling for business or vacation with their families to Spain or Latin America can receive specialized guidance. We can prepare intensive lessons to foster cultural tips, vocabulary, and expressions they will need to use during their trip. Whatever your reasons for connecting yourself or your child to a new language, we’ll help you meet your goals with professional, personalized education.

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