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Online International Language School

Distant Language Is Your Online International Language School For True Fluency

Have you been considering learning a second language? Are you taking language courses at school already and need private tutoring to supplement? Did you fulfill your college language requirement but want to polish up? Distant Language is an online international language school aimed at helping you become fluent, regardless of your current skill level. 

We offer live courses online specially designed for each age group. Kids have homeschooling language courses that flow with academic calendars in the USA. Teens preparing for college can complete our online international baccalaureate of languages to proudly display their language skills on university applications. General and specialized language courses are regularly offered for adults. In addition, private tutoring is available for any age. 

Live online learning has some major benefits over traditional classrooms and in-person tutoring. Teachers from all over the world can offer a variety of dialects and cultures, plus a diverse group of students can come together. Parents can be at ease with respect to physical safety, especially in times such as these with concerns over COVID-19. Sessions can easily be recorded for review. You can even save time and money by not having to leave home when it's time for a lesson.

Whether you're preparing to travel to another country, working towards school credits or a language certification, or just want to learn a new language for fun, we can meet those needs and more. For all your online language school needs, consider Distant Language.

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