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Bilingual Homeschooling Program

Our Bilingual Homeschooling Program Is An Answer To The Request Of Many Parents.

Any homeschooling parent knows that building a quality curriculum is a daunting task. Primary language is a key subject for your child to be successful and a secondary language is a ticket to greater opportunities. Language acquisition studies have clearly shown that learning a second language is much easier as a child. Distant Language’s dual language homeschooling is designed to get kids speaking and even thinking in two or more languages as early as possible.

In previous generations, parents who moved to another country often neglected to teach their children their native language. With the increasing simplicity of global travel and communication over time, passing down languages to your kids has grown in value.

Soliciting language exchange partners is a common learning strategy that is mutually beneficial to both participants. For example, if a native English speaker is learning Spanish and a native Spanish speaker is learning English, they can practice conversations together in each language and the native speaker can correct the learner’s mistakes. This is a key aspect of our language homeschooling program.

One of our extra-curricular goals is to instill in kids love and respect towards a different culture.  That is why Distant Language’s bilingual homeschooling program includes sessions reserved for language exchange, on top of developing language skills. Many students are fascinated with learning the lifestyle and culture of their language partners, leading them to communicate with them voluntarily after class, which will further improve their language skills.

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