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Opening the Doors to Healing

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Lydia R.

Natalia is such a blessing. She is a wonderful instructor and spiritual guide. Her guidance, help and teachings have helped me find and return to my original template and purpose. Finding her and through her teachings I have found MYSELF, my whole self, my true and authentic self. The knowledge she holds is sacred and healing in countless ways. My spirit is lighter, my mind and body have been rejuvenated. Natalia walks with you and helps shed light on your path. She supports and shares her knowledge generously. Her work is invaluable and soul-filling. You will gain tools and techniques to continue your transformative journey. Her sprit, teachings and The Mind, Body and Spirit School are life changing. 

Lorena A.

One day I was not sure what I was looking for, but I knew I wanted a change. I knew I needed healing on a deeper level than Therapy, which helped me search for more. I was drawn to the Mind, Body & Spirit School and all that can be offered to learn and explore the healing I was looking for! So much in my life was happening that I did not know how to handle it anymore, so I enrolled in the 7 Pathways to Healing Chakras courses. My experience has been exactly what I needed, Natalia is such a wonderful person and Coach. If you have come to read this and are ready to have a change in your life for the better, schedule time to see Natalia! I am so appreciative of what I have learned so far, and I am so encouraged to learn more and open my mind, body & spirit into all of who I am. So grateful to have Natalia guide and mentor me through the journey I knew I needed to take!

Akia J.

I have been truly blessed meeting Natalia! Her and her work has already help progress my life in several ways with her skills and love for caring, healing, and teaching. My spiritual journey is now enhanced and I am more balanced and grounded after meeting with her the very first time!

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